Arctic Food Production - The Arctic Food from Finland concept tells the story of Arctic food. It provides support, information and material that can be used to communicate and promote export of food produced in northern conditions.

Arctic food means food produced north of the 60th latitude. In addition to marketing and communication materials, the site offers researched information on the benefits of Arctic and value-added factors for businesses at all stages of internationalization. A joint story on our Arctic food production unifies the messages of individual companies and strengthens the image of Finland as a pure food producer and an interesting food country.

Arctic food is special because it grows in demanding natural conditions. A short, frantic and bright summer, as well as winter frosts, refine the vitality, purity and taste of Arctic food that is not found elsewhere. Finnish practices and know-how ensure that Arctic food is produced in accordance with strict quality standards.

On this site you will find materials that follow the concept of Arctic food production, which you can use to support your company's export communications and utilize it as appropriate or as such. The data has been produced especially for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, but they are freely available to all exporting or promoting entities.